Saturday, April 16, 2016


I was too young to understand the hype of most teen drama shows while growing up in the '90s. You know, shows like, "Dawson's Creek," "Charmed" and of course, "Felicity." So, I'm a little late to the party when I've become obsessed with shows that might be just a tad outdated. Or timeless. Whatever. 

A couple years back, I saw that "Felicity" was on Netflix. I'd always heard what a great show it was, and I was willing to give it a shot. I wouldn't say I was hooked right away. It seemed slow and sometimes the characters were a little on the whiny side. But, the stories addressed such real issues that young adults in college face and the heart of it was so real and honest. I couldn't help but click 'next episode' each time. However, as life started getting busier, I just neglected to keep watching. 

Well, fast forward a couple years and now I'm ready to finish it. I feel like I actually have lost sleep. Also, because I just love Scott Foley and I'm about to catch up with Scandal, so I'll need something else to fill the void. Today, I bought all four seasons of "Felicity" on Amazon because I NEED to see how it ends. 

Of course, I've read blogs..."Ben or Noel?" or "Which guy should Felicity have chosen." It's like the "who shot JR?" question for a more recent generation. I know most of the big story lines and yes, I'm kind of disappointed with knowing how it ends, but what can you do? Right now, I'm rooting for Noel, regardless of who she actually picks. 

I loved Noel's character, because he's the good guy that you can rely on. Those are genuinely the guys I go for, especially fictional characters on TV shows who rarely let you down. But, there was something about Ben that made me think maybe Felicity needed a little adventure. After all, she moved to a different city and followed him to college. Wouldn't it just work best if she got what she went there for? Now, that I'm a little older and a little wiser, and I'm just not sure that's who I'd want to end up with if I were Felicity, even if he had a wild side that kept life interesting. 

But, I plan on recapping my experiences along the way, complete with pros and cons, character analyzations and all of the other good stuff in between. 

Follow me along for the ride. 

That's all for now,